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Veloo the bicycle toilet


La Bistoquette: a nutrient and water friendly way of life


youtrition "you are the source"

Veloo the bicycle toilet

Do you know the problem? It is a nice summer day; you are in the park, at the critical mass, at a barbecue in the wild. You drank one, two, three beer. Your bladder considers exploding. No toilet around!

Here comes the VeLOO!

We have toilets of all forms and sizes, but once it comes into motion, something is missing. There is nothing in between a camper van's porta potty, a car driven toilet trailer and Dixies or Kompotois that need a truck for transportation. The VeLOO is a urine-diverting dry toilet standing on a bicycle trailer. To ensure one’s privacy, it is equipped with a cabin built from lightweight materials, which can be folded for transport. VeLOO combines sustainable mobility with resource recovery from urine and feces. While fully functional, it also serves as a showcase for an innovative source separation system.

VelOO project description
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La Bistoquette

The current western concept of “end of pipe” wastewater management is a centralized and linear process that is today showing its limits. The global awareness of the impact of human pollution and the increasing scarcity of water, energy and nutrient resources makes it necessary to rethink this model.

Within the construction framework of its three housing buildings (300 inhabitants) planned for 2024, the ecoresponsible housing cooperative La Bistoquette wishes to participate in the construction of the city of tomorrow, in particular through the development of a more sustainable, ecological and social water management concept that meets the following objectives:

Closing cycles and saving resources

- Revalorize the nutrients present in human waste

- Treat and reuse treated water onsite

- Reduce consumption of drinking water

Reconnecting users to the impact of their own waste

- Involve future residents in the design of the system and thus raise their awareness of environ- mental issues related to their waste.

La Bistoquette project desctription
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youtrition is working on technology and products that help to shorten and close the natural loops associated with human output. After various experiments including processing urine, and composting feces, our current focus is on developing hydroponic systems running on Aurin, which are attractive to the consumer, to lower the entry level for applied recycling.


Youtrition project description
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